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PC Built and Setup



Custom PC built

Brand New Custom PC built

Ask us today to build your new Computer. We provide high-performance parts constructed to handle all usual computing needs as well as more demanding tasks such as High-End workstations for graphics and AutoCAD applications and data acquisition. It also should be very fast for activities like browsing the Internet, email, word processing and video gaming.


A custom-built PC carries many benefits, from higher memory capacity to faster run times - custom computers are what every tech-head is looking for. To help you make an informed decision, we will work with you to assess whether you simply need to buy computer parts and upgrade your Computer, or you have to purchase a new one. We supply and support of a range of computers, network services, hardware and networking components from companies including Toshiba, Compaq, IBM, HP, NEC, 3Com, Intel, SMC and ACCTON..



Setup and Installation

Setup and Installation

You have a new PC and want to set it up right the first time. You don’t know where to begin. Allow us to help you experience a smooth setup and installation experience. Just remember that incorrect or faulty installations can damage your computer and associated devices.


Our certified technicians can customize the settings of the computer to match your preferences. We provide installation and upgrade for various PC components like software applications, printers, scanners, networking devices, and various other peripheral devices. Services include new computer setups, installing new software, transferring files and programs from old computers to new, setting up new Internet connections, installing extra RAM (memory), installing printers, cameras, MP3 Players and other peripherals, configuring email on other computers, tablets or smartphones and much more.

Secure and Protect

Secure and Protect

Do you need to protect your computer from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction? Do you need protection from unplanned events and natural disasters?


We carry services that block inappropriate content, provide the latest protection against intrusions. And notify you when the computer is unnaturally slow with a recommended remedy. We can protect your PC and notebook against the latest known and unknown online threats including viruses, spyware, phishing attacks, identity theft, cybercrime, social network threats, unsafe websites, links and search results.



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ABN:28 889 300 890