User Friendly CMS

User Friendly CMS



zStudio CMS - the easiest way to manage your website


We have created zStudio Content Management System, a powerful and flexible end-user-oriented solution, developed for business who need easy website management. It enables anyone to update web pages in minutes, without the need for technical or design knowledge. It is a real User-friendly SMS.


We know that you can't see years ahead and that you don't want to pay today for what you might need tomorrow. We also know that websites need to be more than just online brochures - they need to work hard, to be interactive and dynamic. So we created a new approach - customised solutions that work hard for you today and are adaptable for tomorrow.


As your requirements grow, choose from our suite of online tools and add new functionality - no re-work, no waste, no expensive downtime.


With zStudio CMS:

  • you don't have to buy or install any additional software on your computer
  • you can manage your web site by using your internet browser
  • your content is available online for you to add and edit any time

Web CMS with outstanding performance


zStudio Content Management System


zStudio CMS provides better website performance than many other systems, including WordPress.


It generates a clean, fast and SEO-friendly code.








zStudio CMS


Add new services and products, upload photos, update your pricing or team profile, all without having to call a webmaster and without having to rely on templates.


As a user friendly CMS, zStudio includes the following modules:

  • Comprehensive SEO tool
  • Website Menu (and Site Map) Generator
  • Rich Web Content Editor
  • Drag and drop photo publishing
  • Multi Page Photo Gallery
  • News and articles manager (allows news items to be configured to display in nominated pages automatically)
  • FAQs Manager (maintenance of questions and answers with the ability to create categories)
  • Private User Link Section
  • 'Upload Your Documents' Tools
  • User Forum (Public blog)
  • User Registration Tools
  • User Access Control (full registration, permission and security capabilities)
  • Web Communication Tool (SMS text messaging capability to your website)
  • User Database Control
  • Website Statistics

E-Commerce Tools:

  • Complete an online package with the product catalogue.
  • Product management tool.
  • A tool to create product navigation, categories and subcategories.
  • Upload products and images
  • Search products by category
  • Create product properties like colour, size etc.
  • Specials, New Releases, Top Sellers.
  • Client orders Tool.
  • Customer details linked to orders.
  • The ability to assign access limit.
  • Checkout, connected to PayPal and PayMate payment gateways.
  • Updateable 'Latest News' Section
  • Online control panel to administer email addresses, web stats etc.
  • Any other customization available


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